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Dr. Ana Cristina Perdomo Marin obtained her PhD at the University of Southampton in 2018. Her research involved the use of microelectrodes and scanning electrochemical microscopy in the investigation of complex environmental interfaces.

During her PhD she worked in collaboration with scientists from the National Oceanography Centre in the development of Pb(ll), oxygen and pH sensors using amperometric, voltammetric and impedimetric electrochemical techniques.

Dr. Ana is passionate about teaching. She was a demonstrator in the prestigious Electrochemistry Summer School for 4 years.

Her teaching activities during the PhD gained her a fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Prior to receiving her MSc and PhD in Southampton, she graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). Her last year research project was focused on the use of electrochemical techniques to determine the Pb(ll) uptake capacity of waste biomass.