Chris Johnson is a nano- and bio-technology expert with 14 years experience in R&D, product development and project management. Dr Johnson has a strong interest in product innovation for environmental monitoring and diagnostics for global health, and is regularly invited to present and contribute at international conferences and workshops in these areas.

Prior to working at Bio Nano Consulting, Dr Johnson was a Senior Scientist at Plasticell Ltd, a leading UK Stem Cell company, where he was responsible for the technical and product development of CombiCult®, Plasticell’s award winning combinatorial stem cell screening technology (Frost & Sullivan’s 2010 European Technology Innovation Award and 2011 R&D 100 Award).

Prior to Plasticell, Dr Johnson was a Research Associate at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College, London, were he led the research on a nanomagnetic-proteomics project. Dr Johnson holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bristol and a M.Chem in Chemistry from the University of Liverpool. Dr. Johnson is a co-inventor of four patents and his scientific publications have received over 1000 citations.