Eduardo Nicolas Schulz holds a degree and doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Nacional del Sur, in Bahia Blanca, Argentina.  After graduating as a chemical engineer Eduardo gained his industrial experience through an internship at Dow Chemical and Honeywell as an engineer at the Centre of Excellency in Buenos Aires before doing his PhD in electrochemistry.  During his PhD and post doctorate he was granted fellowships; three from CONICET in Argentina, two from DAAD in Germany and two Marie Curie, in Germany and United Kingdom. During these fellowships he performed both laboratory and computational electrochemistry research using DFT and Molecular Dynamics simulation.  He then was appointed researcher at CONICET, Argentina’s research council. Dr Schulz has several scientific publications in the field of electrochemistry and surface sciences along with a book chapter and scientific dissemination articles for the general public. Currently he performs as scientific consultant in electrochemistry and laboratory manager at BNC’s industrial laboratories in Harpenden. His career interests lie in applied electrochemistry to sensors, energy production and storage, their computational modelling and scale-up.