A Division of AquAffirm

COVID-19 Response

The Bio Nano digital team is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic through development of the covidsim.org platform, a user-friendly software platform enabling players from business, government, the press and academia to deploy sophisticated epidemiological prediction tools. The web-based tool will inform economic and political decisions concerning intervention / restriction strategies and related resource allocation. The website downloads the most up-to-date model parameters and historical data (as for example already displayed in mobile-compatible format on AquAffirm’s corona19.uk coronavirus tracker) to enable simulation of the COVID-19 epidemic trajectory and healthcare demand with and without interventions / government restrictions (e.g. control measures such as social distancing, lockdown orders).

The open-source model we are using is that of the MRC Ctr for Global Infect Disease Analysis (Imperial College), with whom we have a track record of collaboration; AquAffirm will perform the interface design, JavaScript coding, site updates, upgrades and maintenance, and provide customization and consultancy for users from within Europe and outside of Europe.

We anticipate governments, journalists and small and mid-sized companies from all over Europe and other parts of the world to view the covidsim.org website as an important new tool in conducting scenario analysis.

Contact us here if you are interested in learning how the Bio Nano team can customize the tool for your needs.