A Division of Aquaffirm

We have thought leaders covering the fields of:

1. Biosensing


The Biosensing team relies on the expertise of Dr David Sarphie and Prof. Tony Cass. We specialise in the development of portable sensors and we are currently developing a quantitative test for the diagnosis and monitoring of kidney disease (QELFA) and an innovative device for the monitoring of arsenic contamination (drinksafe). In the past, we have provided technical consultancy for development of a point-of-care diagnostics product and prototyped a bench-top instrument for label-free biosensing.

 2. Photonics


The Photonics team relies on the world-class experience of Prof Gabriel Aeppli (FRS). We specialise in the modelling of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with nanomaterials. Furtheremore We coordinated the SME-instrument project VSMMART-NANO which developed a volumetric scanning microwave microscope for tomographical analysis of materials.  We are currently coordinating the Marie Curie training network NANOMICROWAVE that aims at training the next-generation of scientist in nanoscale microwave technologies.

3. Nanomaterials


The Nanomaterials team relies on the experience of Prof John Wood CBE, FREng. We specialise in the fabrication and development of nanomaterials for catalysis and environmental applications. The pioneering research developed in close collaboration with Imperial College London and University College London has led to 22 scientific publications in highly renowned journals in just 5 years. We are currently managing a research collaboration between University College and King Abdulaziz University aiming at developing a new class of multifunctional nanomaterials based on titanium dioxide (TiO2).