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An effective, efficient and well defined but flexible management structure is imperative to successfully accomplish H2020 projects ambitious objectives. BNC dedicates an experienced project manager from the inception of the project to support the scientific coordinator with the grant writing. BNC project manager will provide expert advice on best practices and will be in charge of collecting the inputs from all the partners. Good communication is an essential part of a successful H2020 proposal, BNC will organize regular conference calls, provide timely minutes and will be in charge of the submission of the proposal.

As your project management partner, we will provide administrative coordination (including timely submissions of reports, deliverables, legal documents, etc.) and be the interface with the EU project officer.


Bio Nano Consulting (BNC) coordinated the FP7 NMP Programme: V-SMMART Nano (Volumetric Scanning Microwave Microscopy Analytical and Research Tool for Nanotechnology).

The V-SMMART Nano team produced a new tool, the Volumetric Scanning Microwave Microscope (VSMM), for non-destructive 3D nanoscale structural characterisation of samples.

SUCCESS STORY: Nanomicrowave

Bio Nano Consulting (BNC) is coordinated the FP7 ITN-Marie Curie Netowrk Programme: Nanomicrowave whose aim is to train a new generation of multidisciplinary researchers in the field of nanoscale microwave technologies and related emerging applications.