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intellectual property2

In collaboration with our academic partners at University College London, Imperial College London and King Abdulaziz University (Saudi Arabia), we filed 8 patent applications to protect the fabrication of graphene and carbon nanotube networks, and innovative solutions in bio and chemosensing.

  1. Cross-linked Carbon Nanotube Networks
  2. Heatable Carbon Nanotube Aerogels/Xerogels/Gels
  3. Carbon Nanotube Aerogels/Xerogels/Gels for CO2 Capture
  4. Graphene and Graphene Oxide Aerogels/Xerogels/Gels for CO2 Capture
  5. Cross-Linked Graphene Networks
  6. A portable apparatus for measuring the efficiency of a photocatalyst
  7. Modified Arsenite Oxidase and a Biosensor for Detecting Arsenite
  8. Apparatus and Method for Lateral Flow Affinity Assays