A Division of Aquaffirm

Technical & Strategic Consultancy for a Patent Litigation & Infringement Investigation

BNC was approached by a leading London-based IP litigation firm with a request to investigate the key technical aspects related to a potential patent-infringement case on behalf of a major multinational client. The project was completed to the satisfaction of both the firm and the client within a month.

Nanomechanical Analysis of Drug-Target Binding: Mechanism of Action of Oritavancin

BNC has used its position as world-leaders in cantilever-array assay systems to analyse in greater detail the mechanism of action of Targanta’s lead antibiotic, oritavancin, a novel lipoglycopeptide antibiotic.

Technical consultancy for development of a point-of-care diagnostics product

BNC was approached by a leading player in the multi-billion pound blood-glucose monitoring market with an enquiry related to sophisticated analysis of test strip reproducibility following a manufacturing change.

BNC quickly identified the key academic and scientists with the experience and in-depth knowledge of the technology to be able to carry out the necessary analysis. BNC drafted a proposal and managed the process from proposal to final report.

Development of Novel CO2 Adsorption Materials using Carbon Nanotubes & Graphene

Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) have been shown to have great potential as CO2 adsorbent materials but require improvements in CO2 adsorption capacity and stability to be commercially viable.

BNC, together with its partners at Imperial College London, developed an innovative approach to integrate LDHs into networks of carbon nanotubes and, separately, graphene oxide in order to optimise the CO2 adsorption capacity of the material.


Providing bionano & nanomedicine expertise to government programmes

BNC was contracted by the Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN) to develop the UK’s bionano & nanomedicine network.