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COVID-19 Response

Bio Nano has launched a new travel assistance website (coronatravel.world) that provides continually updated information on restrictions such as multi-day quarantines imposed on travel between countries, together with the latest pandemic predictions so that travellers can make informed decisions.

This new offering adds to the portfolio of platforms already developed by Bio Nano’s digital team to address the COVID-19 pandemic, including the covidsim.org platform, an interactive, user-friendly software platform enabling government ministers, public health officials, scientists, and interested individuals to deploy sophisticated epidemiological prediction tools. The web-based tool has been used to inform economic and political decisions concerning intervention/restriction strategies and related resource allocation in over 135 mainly low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

The website downloads the most up-to-date model parameters and historical data (as for example already displayed in mobile-compatible format on AquAffirm’s corona19.uk coronavirus tracker) to enable simulation of the COVID-19 epidemic trajectory and healthcare demand with and without interventions/government restrictions (e.g. control measures such as social distancing, lockdown orders). In conjunction with collaborators at MRC-GIDA (Imperial College), BNC’s digital team designed the user interface and is handling updates, upgrades and maintenance for covidsim.org, while providing customization and consultancy for users from within Europe and outside of Europe.


Contact us here if you are interested in learning how the Bio Nano team can customize the tool for your needs.