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BNC has been granted two new patents in the UK protecting a material developed in collaboration with Imperial College London. The very innovative material is based on carbon nanotubes (PCT/GB2012/053260) or graphene (PCT/GB2013/050570) aerogels with outstanding mechanical and electrical properties, high surface area and significant accessible porosity. It has been proved that the nanostructured inert network of an aerogel is the ideal support for gas sorbent materials because it provides high surface area, maximizing the gas accessibility and minimizing coarsening effects. Indeed the project relies on an innovative concept for CO2 adsorption using absorbers based on aerogels. In particular, layered double hydroxides (LDHs), with intrinsic properties for CO2 sorption, are deposited on the open supporting framework of aerogels and as a consequence, the sorption capacity and multi-cycle stability are both significantly increased. These hybrid materials open new horizons to the CO2 adsorption concept and have shown great interest within the gas adsorption industry.