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  • Portable smartphone-enabled system with cloud-connectivity demonstrated for remote measurement of arsenic concentrations in drinking water in Bangladesh
  • System allows real-time visualisation of test results 8,000 km away in London

LONDON, UK – Bio Nano Consulting’s parent company, AquAffirm Ltd, has announced that it has successfully demonstrated its cloud-connected AquAffirm™ digital sensor networking platform together with its partners from the University of Dhaka in a pilot study measuring arsenic concentrations in drinking water in affected areas of Bangladesh.

The AquAffirm™ platform uses an innovative smartphone-enabled design that includes disposable test strips, mobile app and web-connected software platform developed by the AquAffirm team. In this trial the teams demonstrated for the first time the system’s ability to communicate test results via the cloud to a remote data platform, in this case a server situated over 8000 km away in AquAffirm’s labs in Harpenden (UK).

Arsenic affects over 140 million people in 70 countries, including at least 50 million in Bangladesh, according to World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates.

Initially designed to improve management of a water contaminant that kills tens-of-thousands each year, the platform has the potential to revolutionise low-cost environmental monitoring of a range of contaminants with an easy-to-use system that is both flexible and scalable. In addition, the ability to visualise the data remotely in real-time will benefit from AquAffirm’s sophisticated mapping and data analytics expertise, enabling new strategies for tackling water contamination challenges globally.

“We are tremendously excited to see the results of this first trial that has demonstrated the potential of this innovative platform,” Dr David Sarphie, AquAffirm CEO commented. “Not only will this platform transform arsenic management and mitigation programs being coordinated by NGOs around the world, but it will also form the basis for new sensors to address other water contamination issues like lead, industrial effluents and toxic algal blooms. This pilot study highlights the benefits of a low-cost, easy-to-use, web-connected technology that can be deployed rapidly and underscores the impact it will have on sustainability programs around the world.”

 About AquAffirm

AquAffirm develops proprietary digital tools/services to help clients from industry and the water sector reduce their environmental impact and improve sustainability. Specifically, AquAffirm is commercialising innovative digital smartphone-enabled point-of-use sensors and software platforms to help clients manage critical water infrastructure networks, control unwanted environmental contaminant release, and monitor/map environmental impact. As a service, AquAffirm also develops bespoke digital sensors specifically for its clients’ needs. AquAffirm’s long-term vision is to build a mobile-enabled network of sensors & software for water sustainability to include the most advanced digital water contaminant measurement platform for rapid measurement, monitoring and mapping of contaminants at the point-of-use.


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