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London, UK – 10th May 2017

BNC is proud to announce that the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has awarded the Sir George Stokes Award 2017 to Professor Tony Cass, Imperial College London who is also a director of Bio Nano Consulting.

Professor Cass’s work focuses on the interface of chemistry, biomedical engineering and medicine. He combines biological molecules with nanomaterials to produce diagnostic devices for human, animal and plant health. These will serve to enhance the quality of life for those suffering from chronic illness and also contribute to improved food security and animal welfare.

The Sir George Stokes Award is awarded for outstanding and sustained contributions to analytical science by someone demonstrably working in a complementary field, which has led to developments of seminal importance to chemical analysis.


Professor Cass said: “I’m honoured and rather humbled by receiving the Sir George Stokes award. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege and benefit of working with many highly talented individuals; as mentors, colleagues and students. The achievements recognised by this award are in no small measure down to their guidance, determination and insight.”