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COVID-19 Response

Bio Nano Consulting (a member of the AquAffirm Group) is pleased to announce that its digital team is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic through launch of the covidsim.org platform, a user-friendly website enabling government healthcare officials, journalists and researchers from low- and middle-income countries to deploy advanced epidemiological prediction tools. The web-based tool will inform economic and political decisions concerning intervention/restriction strategies and related resource allocation. The website downloads the most up-to-date model parameters and historical data (as for example already displayed in mobile-compatible format on AquAffirm’s recent corona19.uk coronavirus tracker) to enable simulation of the COVID-19 epidemic trajectory and healthcare demand with and without interventions / government restrictions (e.g. control measures such as social distancing, lockdown orders).

The open-source model we are using is that of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis (Imperial College London) who contracted this work; AquAffirm has handled the interface design, JavaScript coding, and testing and will maintain the site and handle site updates. In addition, BNC will provide customization and consultancy for commercial users both from within Europe and outside of Europe.

BNC anticipates governments, journalists and small and mid-sized companies from all over Europe and other parts of the world will view the covidsim.org website as an important new tool in conducting scenario analysis This epidemic trajectory simulation tool could help government lockdown exit strategies and de-escalation plans. ‘Our online management tools have been designed to help government healthcare officials, strategic planners, and academic researchers to model, plan, prepare for and manage outbreaks more effectively’, says David Sarphie, CEO of Bio Nano Consulting.

Contact us here if you are interested in learning how we could customise your website with epidemic modelling software.


About AquAffirm

AquAffirm is a London-based product development company commercialising technologies to address global biomedical and environmental issues. Offering both hardware and digital solutions, the company is focused on tackling some of the world’s most intractable problems. With a world class board comprising a PowderJect co-founder (Dr David Sarphie, CEO), a co-inventor of the blood glucose test (Prof Tony Cass FRSC of Imperial College), a world-renowned microwave engineer and physicist (Prof Gabriel Aeppli FRS of ETH in Switzerland) and an internationally-recognised former director of large UK laboratories (Prof John Wood FREng), AquAffirm is a leader in developing advanced technology solutions.

For more information, please contact Dr David Sarphie on +44 (0)7771 802145 or

e-mail: david.sarphie@bio-nano-consulting.com