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David Sarphie is a biotechnology entrepreneur with over 18 years experience in project management, senior management and CEO positions within start-up drug-delivery, diagnostics and medical device companies.

Prior to his association with the Bio Nano Consulting, Dr Sarphie was CEO of Oxford MediStress, spearheading the founding of the Oxford spin-out developing a novel blood test for stress. He remains an Executive Advisor with the company.

Prior to this he was Executive Advisor for BioExec Ventures, a Boston-based biotechnology consultancy. Prior to BioExec Ventures he was CEO of The Acrobot Company, a London-based medical technology start-up, which is developing novel robotic technologies for minimally-invasive orthopaedic surgery. Dr Sarphie developed the initial commercial and development strategies and wrote the business plan for Acrobot, leading a $1.6M equity financing which was completed in September, 2002.

Prior to Acrobot, Dr Sarphie was a co-founder of PowderJect Pharmaceuticals, a UK company focused on developing needle-free drug delivery technologies and a co-inventor of the original technology. While at PowderJect, he was founder and CEO of Progenica Ltd, a PowderJect spin-out company developing novel diagnostic applications of PowderJect technology. Dr Sarphie created the initial development plan for Progenica, secured the funding from the parent company and spearheaded the clinical assessment of initial product opportunities. Progenica was acquired by Chiron Corporation as part of the acquisition of PowderJect Pharmaceuticals in 2003.

Dr. Sarphie holds a D.Phil. in Medical Engineering from Oxford University, an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.