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Dr Hanadi Hassan-Nixon graduated from Imperial College London with a PhD degree in Biochemistry, and Plant Pathology. Continuing at the college with her first postdoc at the department of Biochemistry, working in the epidemiology of ergot disease in South Africa, she decided to divert her research interest towards the biology and chemistry interface, integrating chemical nanotechnology and protein engineering techniques to develop non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring biosensor in collaboration with Becton and Dickinson. After a career break raising a young family, she was awarded a Daphne Jackson Trust Fellowship in 2014. She returned to the Chemical Biology group at the department of Chemistry, Imperial College London as a Senior Research Fellow, collaborating with clinicians at St Mary’s hospital to work on asthma diagnosis. During the fellowship, her research project focussed on developing an impedimetric electrochemical biosensor to attain numerical information on metabolic analytes and to develop a point of care sensing device for respiratory diseases. Her research interests are in the field of developing diagnostic devices for quantitative measurement of environmental pollutants or disease related metabolites, with a main interest on Cytokines