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COVID-19 Update: AquAffirm launches eChem-Gold™ thin-film planar gold electrodes for COVID-19 biosensor research

London, UK BNC’s parent company, AquAffirm, is pleased to announce that it has launched a range of thin-film planar gold electrodes which are ideal for electrochemistry research associated with COVID-19 biosensor development. AquAffirm’s thin-film planar gold electrodes are fabricated using high-resolution laser ablation of sputtered gold on a PET substrate with the cell volume delimited […]

AquAffirm selected to join prestigious Imagine H2O-Asia 2020 accelerator

London, UK BNC’s parent company, AquAffirm, is pleased to announce that it has been selected from a highly competitive field of over 110 startups across 29 countries to join the 2020 cohort of the Imagine H2O Asia accelerator. Since its founding in 2009, Imagine H2O (https://www.imagineh2o.org/) has supported over 100 entrepreneurs, providing them with the […]

COVID-19 Update: AquAffirm wins grant from EIT-Health to develop COVID-EXIT web platform to help countries and companies plan for lockdown-easing

London, UK BNC’s parent company, AquAffirm, is pleased to announce that it has won a COVID-19-related European grant from the highly-competitive EIT Health-Headstart programme to develop a new web-based platform focused on helping governments and businesses plan for changes in government-mandated pandemic restrictions globally. The interactive user-friendly COVID-EXIT digital platform will enable governments and businesses […]

New COVID-19 Epidemic Simulation Platform

London, UK COVID-19 Response Bio Nano Consulting  (a member of the AquAffirm Group) and MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis (MRC GIDA) at Imperial College London are pleased to announce that their digital teams have  collaborated to address the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic through development of the covidsim.org Scenario Analysis Tool, a user-friendly software platform […]

New website covidsim.org used to model epidemic trajectory and healthcare demand

London, UK  COVID-19 Response Bio Nano Consulting (a member of the AquAffirm Group) is pleased to announce that its digital team is addressing the COVID-19 pandemic through launch of the covidsim.org platform, a user-friendly website enabling government healthcare officials, journalists and researchers from low- and middle-income countries to deploy advanced epidemiological prediction tools. The web-based tool will […]

COVID-19: Map it to control it with new BNC software

Bio Nano Consulting introduces beta version of COVID-19 Outbreak Management Tool CORONA19.uk London, UK Bio Nano Consulting, a member of the AquAffirm Group, announces the introduction of the beta version of its advanced COVID-19 Outbreak Management Tool – a digital platform for mapping, modelling and managing the current coronavirus epidemic in the UK. Adapted from […]

BBC World Service Video “People Fixing the World”

London 5th September 2019 AquAffirm is pleased to announce that its proprietary AquAffirm-As™ test – a new rapid, low-cost, easy-to-use digital test for measuring arsenic in drinking water – has been showcased in a BBC World Service video filmed in association with the BBC podcast People Fixing the World. The programme also includes an interview […]

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BNC Wins Two EU ATTRACT Grants

London, UK  BNC is pleased to announce that it has won two EU ATTRACT grants worth €100,000 each to develop technologies in two areas of sensing/detection: VL4BD: Viral lasers for biological detection and DetectION – Capacitive detection of high value pollutant ions, which will be developed with their partner organisations, UCL and Imperial College respectively. […]

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BNC Wins 1st Prize in Royal Society of Chemistry “Emerging Technologies Competition 2018”

BNC is proud to announce that it has won First Prize in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s “Emerging Technologies Competition 2018” for its AquAffirm_As™ sensor for simple, rapid, affordable measurement of arsenic in drinking water. BNC CEO Dr David Sarphie commented, “This provides additional confirmation and independent validation for our rapid affordable test for arsenic, […]