A Division of Aquaffirm

BNC was chosen for its expertise in commercialising nanotechnology products in the life sciences sectors to support the NanoKTN in developing the UK’s bionano & nanomedicine network. The NanoKTN supported the exploitation and commercialisation of micro and nanotechnologies (MNT) by informing, facilitating innovation and encouraging collaborations between suppliers and users.

Under the programme, BNC developed the Nano4Life conference in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust to bring the UK community together. This event has lead to the formation of four Focus Groups for the NanoKTN, namely:

  • NanoMiTE: Nano-Structured Material in Tissue Engineering
    • Looks at the advances in nano-structured materials for use in tissue engineering with a view to ensuring the UK remains at the forefront of this technological area
  • NanoPharm
    • Examining the opportunities and issues facing adoption of nanotechnology by the pharmaceuticals industry for both drug discovery and drug formulation
  • BioSIG: Biosensor Strategic Interest Group (in collaboration with Sensors KTN)
    • The use and adoption of micro and nanotechnologies in biosensor and diagnostics applications
  • NanoMed (under development)
    • Clinical adoption of nanotechnologies in areas such as molecular imaging and nanoparticles in anti-tumour radiation therapy

The NanoKTN also provided events, networking opportunities, access to the UK’s MNT Directory plus relevant news and announcements on funding opportunities.