A Division of Aquaffirm

BNC quickly identified the key scientist with the in-depth knowledge of the technology to be able to assist the firm in understanding the technical details of the case. Through our existing service level agreements, BNC agreed day rates and signed a contract to access the expertise and facilities of one of our partner institutions. Initial enquiry to contract signature took less than 3 days.

BNC worked closely with the firm to assess the patent claims, where they may be infringed and develop the necessary scientific protocols that would provide the right evidence to support a decision as to whether or not to pursue the case. BNC then project managed the investigation, keeping in close contact with the firm on results as the project moved forward.Teleconferences were held every 2-3 days and enabled rapid changes to the investigations as both expected and unusual results were obtained.

By applying professional project management throughout the project, BNC was able to report back to the firm extremely quickly, allowing them to provide their report back to the client to the tight deadline set. The client is currently assessing the findings and BNC is poised to support them and the firm in any further steps.