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“Hands off” approach to looking into silicon chips

London, UK  The possibility of looking inside silicon chips to see their remarkably small working parts, without damaging the chips, is a step closer thanks to an international consortium led by BNC.   Working as part of the Nanomicrowave consortium (www.nanomicrowave.eu) funded through the European Union’s Framework-7 program, the international team has demonstrated the ability […]

BNC Director wins Royal Society of Chemistry Award

London, UK – 10th May 2017 BNC is proud to announce that the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has awarded the Sir George Stokes Award 2017 to Professor Tony Cass, Imperial College London who is also a director of Bio Nano Consulting. Professor Cass’s work focuses on the interface of chemistry, biomedical engineering and medicine. […]

The 2017 European Group Travel Awards raises thousands for AquAffirm™

London, UK – 20th March 2017 Bio Nano Consulting (BNC) is pleased to announce a charitable fundraising held at the recent 2017 European Group Travel Awards has raised thousands of pounds for AquAffirm™, its proprietary test for measuring arsenic in drinking water.  The donations received will help BNC produce and send AquAffirm™ test strips to […]

International Workshops on the Formulation and Start up of Science, Technology, and Innovation (ST&I) Projects in Colombia

BNC, world-leading technology solution providers and strategic consultants working in a range of high-technology sectors, is pleased to announce that it is organising three International Workshops in Science Technology & Innovation (ST&I) in Colombia in November to communicate “best practices” in establishing and managing ST&I projects.  A key objective of the workshops is to work […]

Two new patents entering BNC’s portfolio: an innovative concept for CO2 adsorption using absorbers based on nanomaterials

BNC has been granted two new patents in the UK protecting a material developed in collaboration with Imperial College London. The very innovative material is based on carbon nanotubes (PCT/GB2012/053260) or graphene (PCT/GB2013/050570) aerogels with outstanding mechanical and electrical properties, high surface area and significant accessible porosity. It has been proved that the nanostructured inert […]

Recent study featured in the inside front cover of Chemical Science

The results of a research study recently carried out in collaboration between Bio Nano Consulting, University College London and King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia are featured in the inside front cover of Chemical Science from August 2016 (Issue 8). The paper reports on the novel synthesis, material characterisation, theoretical/computational understanding of the electronic […]

BNC granted patent for carbon nanotube-based aerogels in three key markets

Figure. SEM images of novel carbon nanotube-based aerogels.   BNC has been granted a patent in three key markets for a technique to synthesise carbon nanotube-based aerogels with outstanding electrical, physical and mechanical properties. The research work that led to the patent publication was developed by Dr Ainara Garcia at BNC, in partnership with Professor […]